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Mission Statement

The aim of LWC online bible study is to help each layperson find and fulfill his or her special part of the Great Commission through the local church.


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Course Focused on Laymanship

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The Layman’s Web College online Bible study is a truly unique online college for all Christian teens through senior adults who are serious about finding and fulfilling their special part of the Great Commission regardless of their vocation. This Online Bible Study was designed especially with you in mind! Because God makes this a great priority with eternal rewards, it deserves serious and quality preparation with online Bible studies. To successfully fulfill the main calling of each Christian, he or she must be solidly equipped in the following:

  1. Bible knowledge, interpretation and study methods
  2. Christian growth and ethics
  3. Scriptural marriage and parenting skills
  4. A powerful and effective prayer life
  5. Good financial stewardship skills
  6. Effective witnessing
  7. Productive discipling
  8. Humble, proficient leadership
  9. Finding, building and using one’s spiritual gifts
  10. Effectively helping the church’s missions program
  11. Supporting and assisting the pastor
  12. Maintaining a good testimony in one’s vocation
  13. Understanding Christian music
  14. Finding God’s will
  15. Building church attendance
  16. Fulfilling responsibilities and maintaining good relationships
  17. Much more!!

Where else can a church layperson get this quality of thorough training at any cost?

Some of America’s most experienced and highly qualified fundamental instructors are combining their expertise under the leadership of LWC founder Dr. James Bachman to help provide the training every layperson needs and deserves. Most of these instructors have their Doctor’s Degree. The curriculum and teaching methods used at the LWC have been carefully designed for easy learning and reteaching. Each course is practical, helpful, enjoyable and filmed before a live class. The videos also contain text and picture graphics to add understanding and interest. Thorough and well organized complete notes are also included with each course.

Courses may be taken for credit towards a basic Laymanship Degree. Online Bible plans are being made for more courses and an advanced Laymanship Degree in the future. A number of Bible colleges accept LWC credits for similar courses. Courses taken for credit require the completion of assignments and quizzes. Each course started is to be completed within a year’s time to receive credit for that course. Courses may also be audited at a lower cost for the same materials, but no credit is given. Students auditing courses are not required to complete assignments and quizzes but may do so if they wish to enhance learning. Students do not need to re-enroll to take more courses.

EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY of The Layman’s Web College

GOAL – That the layman may understand, accept, prepare for, practice, teach, and continue to improve the performance of their calling from God. This calling is the fulfilling of their part of the Great Commission through their local church.

CURRICULUM – The courses are Bible-based and each is designed as a part of the whole needed to fulfill what God expects of His servants, which is to be perfected for the work of the ministry and to be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

INSTRUCTORS – These are accomplished Baptist men of God, fundamental, and separated soul winners who have proven themselves to be very proficient in their area of instruction.

COURSES – Each course is designed for the novice, starting with basic concepts and building as they go. Though the learning process is quite simple, it is enjoyable and extremely effective.

PROCEDURE – Paul, Barnabas, Silas, and many other men of God traveled to churches to help pastors prepare their laymen for the work of the ministry. We are seeking to do this through the Web.

1. LWC students learn through hearing, seeing, reading, testing, re-teaching, and doing.
2. Notes are prepared for the students: well-organized, neatly printed in large print, thorough, easy to understand and reteach.
3. Students see graphics on the screen to help open their understanding and recall.
4. Students reteach each lesson to someone not taking the course.
5. Students often have carry-over projects that help get the goal of the class implemented into their life.
6. The Holy Spirit is sought through prayer in preparation, presentation, and in helping the students in learning and implementation.
7. Speed Learning (avoids busywork) – With most of the outside reading done for the students, preparation of good notes provided, and key factors pointed out, the students can concentrate on what they really need to know. We show them the test ahead of time so they can make the most of their study time.
8. The class being observed on screen is taught before other students who are made to feel part of the class, and the instructors are more responsive in their teaching.
9. Students are encouraged not to take too many classes at once so they can keep their other responsibilities in balance.
10. Many classes have an overview outline at the beginning so the student can grasp the intent and direction of the lesson from the beginning and review it after class to help cement what they have learned.

The biblical reason for education is life change and not mere knowledge. Learning does not have to be hard or stressful. It can be easy, effective, and enjoyable.


Of all the major problems in the world today, the failure to fulfill the Great Commission is the worst. Billions are on their way to hell to join the billions already there. The world is walking in darkness when God has sent His light and life. It is on our shoulders as pastors. Many laypeople are babes — fleshly, untrained and uninvolved. God’s plan is the fulfillment of the Great Commission. That plan does not need to be fixed nor abandoned but fulfilled. Laypeople need to accept their call and then prepare and fulfill that call. Paul, Barnabas, Silas, Timothy and other teachers saw the need to help the pastors prepare their laymen for the work of the ministry by teaching and strengthening all the disciples – Acts 18:23.

Pastors today, especially in smaller churches, are so occupied with administration, counseling, visitation, sermon preparation and a myriad of other needful things that little time remains to develop and provide all the high-quality online bible training needed to effectively perfect their people.

To hire an excellent team of accomplished, separated men of God who are continually available would be financially unaffordable for most churches even if such a team could be found. If that could be accomplished with no cost to the church, it would seem like a miracle. Through the internet and the Layman’s Web College, that miracle exists. A pastor can take advantage of LWC and advertise that his church has its own college to train its laymen for a very reasonable tuition with no overhead. With over fifty years of ministry, Dr. James Bachman knows the importance God places on the pastor in the spiritual life of his people. The Layman’s Web College can become the pastor’s tool by recommending certain courses for select people in his church.

Pastor, we at LWC would love to help you equip and strengthen your laypeople, whether they be new converts or seasoned saints — whether they be teenagers or senior citizens. Many pastors and Christian parents encourage their young people to take at least one year at a Christian college before training for a secular vocation. In many cases, LWC can be a possible substitute for that, and students can get started as early as their 16th birthday. Students also save much money. A high school diploma is not required.

Pastor, if you are interested after viewing this website, put an announcement in your bulletin encouraging your people to visit this website as well. Bible study books and  places like the world bible schools need these tools found in the Layman’s Web College to bring the Bible to life!


The Layman’s Web College is an outreach ministry of the Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, IN, USA. After 32 years as senior pastor at Roanoke Baptist Church, Dr. James Bachman resigned to follow God’s calling to develop the Layman’s Web College, as a online Bible study guide.

Having a deep passion to help fulfill his part of the Great Commission, Dr. Bachman sought to advance the biblical plan of helping pastors perfect their members for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12). Teaching and training especially the faithful was intended to be practiced continually throughout the church age. The quantity and quality of training were directly tied to the growth and success of churches like Jerusalem, Antioch, and Ephesus.

As the courses of the Layman’s Web College using the KJV Bible have been tested, they have proved to be successful — not only in information gained, but in life change as well.

Reference Letter from an LWC Student:

Bro. James,

Thank you for the time and work you put into the “Laymanship” course. It has been a great help to me in many ways. I was so glad you included your personal testimony of how God used you from a young age. This was amazing and encouraging to me because I also want to be a great soul winner for the Lord. In the family (clan) section you mentioned praying for God to help me love others more and asking Him to provide the love that I can then distribute to others. God answered this prayer quickly and I am blessed by this to be a better husband, father, and Christian. The responsibility section for each family member was helpful also.

Overall, the best aspect of the Online Bible study course was how professionally laid out it is. The material is presented in a neat, easy-to-understand fashion. I feel all the information taught was relevant and edifying. I am looking forward to taking and learning from all the classes I can get my hands on.

God bless you, brother. Thanks again!

Your friend,

Joe Renner

As one of the Premier Bible Colleges online, please note: Online Bible Study lectures and notes in English are taken from the King James Version of the Bible.